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Author: Sharon Smith

Fresh Skullcap Dried Skullcap Skullcap Root Skullcap is a comforting herb, traditionally used to alleviate nervous tension and exhaustion. It is used to promote emotional well being and relaxation during times of occasional distress. Skullcap is a nervine, an herb that works to strengthen and nourish the nervous system. It soothes even the most irritated nerves and helps to subside tension headaches. Using this herb throughout the day, multiple times, keeps anxiety and nervous tension out of the way and strengthens your nervous system for future high stress.​ Skullcap is beneficial when used a sleep aid. It helps to relax, wind down, and also has some sedative like properties. Skullcap is extremely good for the body since it does not block any natural functions of the body, in fact, it helps the body operate at optimal levels and strengthens the whole system allowing better sleep and feeling rejuvenated every time. Skullcap is good for spasms, convulsions and for nervous conditions, it has a calming effect on the body, such as excitability, insomnia, hysteria, convulsions, tremors, epilepsy, hypertension, bed wetting, restlessness, stress, and general restlessness. It has also been recommended for rheumatism, rickets, palsy, neuralgia, chorea, snakebites, poisonous insect bites, and delirium tremens (DTs). Skullcap helps as an alternative to address ADD and a number of other nerve disorders. Native Americans used the plant to promote menstruation, menstrual cramps, and it was reputed to be effective against rabies. It is given to recovering alcoholics suffering from withdrawal symptoms. This is one of the best herbs to help break addictions and ease the problems associated with drug, alcohol, barbiturate and tranquilizer withdrawal. Skullcap helps relax or suppress excessive sexual desire. Skullcap is a fantastic brain tonic for promoting meditation. Skullcap is recognized as the “spirit” of a nurturing origin. Skullcap is a “pickup” or “get back on track” for those not feeling well or have nervous stomach, or are just plain exhausted. Skullcap helps introduce spirits to each other by connecting to natural guides, angels, departed family and ancestors. Skullcap help bonds and connects to harmonious and secure spirits. It naturally and gently promotes a rhythmical relaxed state helping to guide or accompany those you need to meet. It is a top meditation herb. Standard dosage: Tincture: a dose is from 3-25 drops, taken in hot water. A small dose (3-5 drops of fresh Skullcap tincture) takes the edge off a simple tension headache in a few minutes. A larger dose

Chronic AnxietyBreastfeeding Milk ProductionChronic BronchitisColdsDepression ReliefBody DetoxDiureticKidney ProtectionLiver ProtectionMenstruation - BloatingMood SwingsNervous DisordersPain ReliefRespiratory - InflammationSleeplessnessStressSore ThroatToxin Elimination HEALING BENEFITS AND GENERAL DISCUSSION of TRANQUILITY BLEND: The herbal extract combination of BLUE VERVAIN and VALERIAN ROOT is not harmful and will not cause product dependency. INDICATIONS: BLUE VERVAIN is a valuable alternative medicine used in homeopathy for insomnia, epilepsy, and other nervous conditions. It has a calming action on the nerves and may also be used to improve liver function and digestion. It also has antispasmodic, diaphoretic, astringent, and expectorant properties. INDICATIONS: VALERIAN is a powerful nervine and antispasmodic. It has a remarkable influence on the cerebro-spinal system, and is used as a sedative to the higher nerve center in conditions of nervous unrest. It will diminish or put to rest pain and promotes sleep. It is useful and benefits those suffering from nervous overstrain as it possesses none of the after-effects produced by narcotics. Relieves Depression: People suffering from depression and unpredictable moods use Tranquility Blend. It is relaxing and uplifting which promotes positive thinking, stimulates the release of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, and improves your mood. Body Detox: Tranquility Blend is used as a diuretic to stimulate the release of urine from the body. It helps eliminate toxins from the system, as well as excess water, salts, and fat. Also, it helps protect the kidneys and the liver by reducing dangerous substances and toxins that accumulate there. Blue Vervain, specifically, is a highly effective remedy for a bladder infection. Respiratory Inflammation: Chest congestion, colds, chronic bronchitis, sore throats or respiratory inflammation, Tranquility Blend, clears up your tracts and eliminates irritation. Excellent for coughs and colds as it also acts as an expectorant helping to expel mucus and phlegm in the respiratory tracts. Healthy Nervous System: The soothing properties of Blue Vervain can effectively treat nervous disorders, chronic anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness. Blue Vervain calms nerves and re-balances hormone levels, ensuring that our body can rest. Menstruation Bloating: Women who suffer from severe periods use Blue Vervain. It is known to reduce cramps and general discomfort, and bloating. Its effects on mood and depression soften the symptoms of menstruation, while it helps to regulate hormones to keep them balanced and functional. Breast Milk Production: Blue Vervain can help stimulate and increase breast milk production releasing all beneficial nutrients. Pain Relief: Tranquility Blend acts as a powerful analgesic. It’s effective on arthritic pain and kidney stone pain. It numbs

White blood cells are a part of the immune system that helps fight infection and defend the body against other foreign materials. Different types of white blood cells are involved in recognizing intruders, killing harmful bacteria, and creating antibodies to protect your body against future exposure to some bacteria and viruses. Venus Fly Trap helps stimulate and activates sluggish white blood cells giving your body more fighting power. Venus Fly Trap also possesses an advanced type of immune system capable of distinguishing between harmful intruder organisms and its own materials. Venus Fly Trap promotes immune stimulation and modulation which helps fight and reduce the growth rate of foreign tissue and increases the activity and number of T-helper cells and other immune system components. Venus Fly Trap is known to relieve symptoms related to ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, all types of herpes infections, chronic arthritis and nearly every immune deficiency state. Venus Fly Trap works therapeutically to help remove human immunodeficiency virus from the blood with its effective immune boosting functions. It is non-toxic. ​ The purified digestive juices from Venus Fly Trap plant is a phytonutrient and has the ability to modulate and stimulate the immune system. Venus Fly Trap can also acts advantageously as a growth inhibitor of the human immunodeficiency virus and for moderating those more severe symptoms occurring in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. It is important to capture the live proteins of Venus Fly Trap to preserve the most important healing properties of this plant. Suggested Dosage: 50 drops in pure, cold water or cold herbal tea, 3-5 times day. Take before meals. ​ DISCLAIMERThis information is to be used for educational purposes only and has been solely based on the historic and traditional use of herbs. This information has not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. Part of KuKista’s roots come from an original group informally interested in knowing more about the healing properties of medicinal plants. Initially, a collective effort to compile information to share with each other was started without regards to sources or references. KuKista recognizes all information on our website to be “shared” information without the intention of plagiarism, acknowledgement to original authors and sources or copyright infringements. We have made a conscious effort to give credit where credit is due, and will be happy to reference, change or remove any particular source information.

√   Alertness√  Anti-Anxiety√  Anti-Fatigue√  Antioxidant Protection√  Bones - Strengthens√  Cancer - Radiation Exposure√  Chronic Fatigue Syndrom√  Endocrine - Depleted or Under Active√  Energy√  Focus - Better√  Herpes√  Immune System Response - Improves√  Irritation Reducer√  Libido - Increases√  Memory - Better Recall√  Mental Clarity Siberian Ginseng. Eleutherococcus senticosus, also known as Eleuthero ginseng, is one of the most widely used herbs in the world.​ Siberian Ginseng helps the body’s adapt to stress more efficiently. Providing extra energy during stressful times, Siberian Ginseng is a stimulating herb especially effective for stress, tiredness and generally being run-down. It contains active chemical components, eleutherosides, which inhibits the stress response by reducing the activity of the adrenal cortex. Siberian Ginseng works to balance serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine, and epinephrine. Its effect on mood determining brain chemicals is a natural mood stabilizer. Siberian Ginseng strengthens memory and the mind to stay clear-headed under pressure. It is also a brain booster improving both mental and physical stamina in cases of mild fatigue or feelings of weakness. Siberian Ginseng increases circulation which increases oxygen and blood flow to the brain and helps to restore memory, concentration, focus and mental clarity. Siberian Ginseng helps sustain long term energy without the jitters other stimulants like caffeine. It possesses adaptogenic properties and is well-known as an energy enhancers. Siberian Ginseng contains powerful phytochemicals like sterols, coumarins, flavonoids, and polysaccharides. These increase oxygen availability at the cellular level, encouraging blood flow, immune response, and antioxidant that protect your DNA. This helps to improve endurance considerably. It is beneficial for those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and helps rebuild Chi energy following any illness. As a immune system stimulant, Siberian Ginseng prevents infection during intense physical activity. It normalizes body functions, and is a powerful adaptogen which helps the body to balance, heal and instills over-all well-being. Its active ingredients is used to combat herpes simplex type II infections. Siberian Ginseng supports the liver by helping the liver detox harmful toxins from radiation exposure. Siberian Ginseng removes side effects of chemotherapy and is used to treat bone marrow suppression due to chemo or radiation therapy. Siberian Ginseng helps the HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis) when depleted. Symptoms include fatigue, stress, neurasthenia and sore muscles associated with the hypo-functioning of an under-active endocrine system. The adrenal glands have a big impact on our sexual health because they produce a variety of hormones that regulate many physical responses. Siberian Ginseng helps to prevent "adrenal burnout" caused by ongoing physical or mental challenges. Suggested Tincture Dosage: 1 dropperful 2 daily Siberian Ginseng: Russia’s Olympic SecretRussia

√  Anxiety​ √  Aphrodisiac √  Bedwetting √  Bladder Infection √  Depression √  Digestion √  Energy √  Frigidity √  Impotence √  Menopause - Dryness √  Menstrual - Irregular √  Stomach Ulcers √  Weight Loss DAMIANA TEA Drinking Damiana Tea is popular and it’s easy to make. Warm your teapot with scalding-hot water. The hotter the water the better the herbal extraction.Place 2 heaping teaspoons dried Damiana leaf directly into pot (or tea ball), or pour boiling water directly into cup, if you're making just one serving.Steep a full 15 minutes to make sure all the therapeutic properties are released.Strain your tea into a new mug and discard the leaves.Add one teaspoon of good quality honey to sweeten your tea if too bitter.You may also add a wedge of fresh lemon to give your drink some additional flavor.  Drink up and enjoy. You can drink up to three cups of Damiana Tea a day. Damiana leaf is best known to be an aphrodisiac which benefits the libido of both women and men.  For men, Damiana is used to help regain their sexual prowess by increasing blood flow to a man’s general area during sexual activity helping to stimulate them.​ For women, Damiana is good for enhancing their sexual experience by also increasing blood flow to the woman’s vagina, allowing her to be more stimulated.  It also treats the sex drive of both pre-menopausal and menopausal women by replenishing depleted testosterone. Also for women, Damiana helps with the pains of irregularities of a menstrual cycle, such as menstrual headaches, sore breasts, cramping, bloating, aches, exhaustion and pains. It also helps to balance the hormone levels. For the mind, Damiana works similarly to caffeine.  It offers an energy boost alleviating symptoms of depression, as well as anxiety, exhaustion and helps to increase stamina.  Damiana is sometimes used as a natural high helping to fight extreme fatigue, loss of balance and dizziness. Damiana is a popular herbal remedy for stress and other nervous disorders by producing a calming effect on the nervous system. Damiana produces a mild euphoric effect, the Mayan and Mexican people have been using it as a mood enhancer for centuries.  These traditional uses of Damiana has a grounding and calming effect and behaves effectively on a variety of stress-related symptoms such as headaches, nervous stomach, bedwetting and helps to calm the nerves. As an aid for nervous disorders and stress, Damiana treats anxiety, neurosis, stress, depression, obsessive behavior, physical weakness, hangover, dyspepsia and hypochondria, and has a relaxing effect on the body. Damiana is used to treat gastric complaints including peptic ulcers. It’s effect is due to the plant’s arbutin content.  Damiana possesses anti-ulcer activity which attributes to the anti-oxidant effects of arbutin, anti-ulcer and antioxidant properties. Damiana help keep weight under

Sheep Sorrel Turkey Rhubarb Burdock Root Slippery Elm Watercress Blood Root Essiac Extract Blend - C-Cleanse: ESSIAC (Extract Blend) is a combination of six herbs originally brewed very laboriously into a tea. Together they normalize body systems by promoting cell repair, purifying the blood, aiding in effective assimilation and elimination and treating degenerative diseases. Rene Caisse speculated there was an undiscovered gland that was affected by this blend of herbs in Essiac, one that acts to inhibit the supply of substances that nourish cancer cells. When combined, their separate beneficial effects are synergistically enhanced.​ SHEEP’S SORREL: René Caisse, who popularized Essiac tea as a cancer cure, felt sheep sorrel was the most active cancer fighter among all the herbs present in her formula. Caisse believed sheep sorrel acts as blood purifiers, carrying away destroyed tissue as well as infections thrown off by the malignancy. TURKEY RHUBARB: Molecules available in rhubarb root have potential effects on cancer cells. The general anti- inflammatory and antioxidant effects of anthraquinones and tannins have cancer-fighting roles. In addition, though, anthraquinones have specific tumor cell killing capabilities. The most highly concentrated anthraquinone in rhubarb root, emodin which prevents cell-cycle progression and induces cell death in cancer cells, with preference to cancer cells over healthy cells. Emodin has also been said to prevent cancer metastasis or spreading of cancer to different organs. Another anthraquinone in rhubarb root, rhein, inhibits glucose uptake in cancer cells and alters cancer cells’ cell membranes to induce death. Anthraquinones also can reduce radiation-induced lung damage while improving lung function in patients with lung cancer. BURDOCK ROOT: Known for anti-fungal and antibacterial action. It’s blood purifying effects are powerful. Burdock Root prevents cellular mutation by blocking dangerous chemicals from causing damage to cells, suggesting to help decrease the risk of developing cancer from toxic chemicals. SLIPPERY ELM: Nourishing and protective, the health benefits of Slippery Elm are rooted mainly in its soothing properties. It is effectively used as an adhesive type herb to internally coat and soothe mucous membranes while also absorbing toxins which can cause cellular imbalances. WATERCRESS: Studies have consistently shown that a compound in cruciferous vegetables known as 3,3'- dindolylmethane (DIM) has protective effects against cancer. Watercress is full of DIM which in this case is used as a shield to protect healthy tissues. BLOOD ROOT: An important constituent found in Blood Root is Berberine (also found in Goldenseal, Oregon Grape and Honeysuckle). Berberine directly fights cancer cells. Suggested Dosage: 15 drops, 3

Lymphatic (Extract Blend) is a synergistic combination of Sarsaparilla, Pure LDM Extract, Poke Root and Cayenne Pepper. These 4 herbs combined combat Candida, Herpes, Syphilis, Arthritis, Nervous disorders and Chronic liver disorders. LDM is the prominent anti-fungal herb. Poke Root; and excellent blood purifier, regulates the liver and bowels, cleanses the tonsils and swollen glands i.e. mumps. This formula is an excellent aid in cleansing the lymphatic system, promoting good circulation and stimulating the metabolism. Sarsaparilla Poke Root Plant Echinacea is used to stimulate the immune system by supporting and stabilizing cellular immunity and helps cleanse the blood to prevent and treat infections. Unlike antibiotics, which directly attack bacteria, Purple coneflower makes our own immune cells more efficient at attacking bacteria, viruses and abnormal cells. It increases the number and activity of immune system cells including anti-tumor cells, promotes T-cell activation, stimulates new tissue growth. Echinacea stimulates the consumption of invading organisms by white blood cells and lymphocytes up to 20-40%. An immune booster. Echinacea prepares the body systems for the actions of Lymphatic Blend Extract​ Suggested Uses: Echinacea: 1-12 drops 3 times a day, followed 1⁄2 hour later by Lymphatic Blend: 12 drops 3 times daily.​​To learn more about herbal supplements go to or reserve time to talk to our experts about your needs. DISCLAIMERThis information is to be used for educational purposes only and has been solely based on the historic and traditional use of herbs. This information has not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. Lomatium, Dissectum v. Multifida Cayenne Pepper

Anti-aging​Anti-InflammatoryCancer - Gastric CancerCancer Resistant CancerCancer - ColonCancer - MammoryCancer - Urological TumorsCardiovascular Strength-Lowers Blood CholesterolCell ProtectionChemotherapy FatigueDiabetesDisease FighterHormone BalanceImmune System Response - ImprovesInsomniaInsulin ResistantKidney DiseaseMood SwingsNervous TensionTumor FighterViral Myocarditis Astragalus helps the body fight off stress and disease.  It prevents and protects cells against cell death, free radicals and oxidation.  Astragalus essentially regulates the body’s immune responses to help control t-helper cells 1 and 2.​ Astragalus pumps up the immune system and is vital for fighting off tumors and alleviate symptoms of chemotherapy.  Astragalus saponins, flavonoids and polysaccharides are the healing properties which decrease or eliminate tumors.  Astragalus aids chemo-resistance cancer like liver cancer and saponins found in astragalus prevents the proliferation of gastric cancer cells by preventing the necessary oxygen they need to survive.  Good for other types of cancer like colon cancer,  mammary tumor, and urological tumors. For severe chemotherapy symptoms like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and bone marrow suppression, Astragalus reduces symptoms and increases the efficacy of the chemotherapy treatments. Astragalus guard’s against stresses, both mental and physical.  Polysaccharides have positive effects on the immune system and improvement of the function of the brain.  Astragalus helps to reduced stress levels and generally promotes peace and calming. For mood swings and constant nervous tension, Astragalus rebalance your stress hormonal levels. For insomnia, sleeplessness, or interrupted sleep patterns, regular use of Astragalus can quickly help return to a healthy Circadian rhythm by bringing about or promoting uninterrupted, restful sleep. Astragalus antioxidants help prevent plaque buildup in arteries and protects the inner wall of the blood vessels.  It is also good treatment for viral myocarditis (inflammation of the middle layer of the heart wall).  Astragalus reduces and level of triglycerides which can cause risk for many forms of heart disease, such as stroke, heart attack and hardening of artery walls.  Astragalus protects the heart after a serious episode, like a stroke. Astragalus relieves insulin resistance and treats diabetes naturally.  Saponins, flavonoids and polysaccharides all are effective in treating and regulating type 1 and 2 diabetes. They increase insulin sensitivity, protect pancreatic beta cells (the cells in the pancreas that produce and release insulin) and also act as anti-inflammatories in areas related to diabetes symptoms. Kidney Disease in diabetics is common and Astragalus helps to treat the kidneys by slowing the progress of kidney problems and protecting the renal system.  Astragalus may support kidney health by improving blood flow and laboratory markers of kidney function, such as measures of protein in the urine.  It may also help prevent infections in people with reduced kidney function.  Astragalus, is used to repair and regenerate injured organs and tissues. DISCLAIMERThis information is to be used for educational purposes only and has been solely

√  Acid Reflux √  Arthritis √  Bone pain √  Fever, Dengue Virus √  Fever, Malaria​√  Fever, Typhus √  Gastric Acid Relief √  Gout √  Heartburn Relief √  Kidney Stones √  Rheumatism √  Uric Acid Buildup √  Urinary Tract Infection​ √  Vomiting Gravel Root is anti-lithic (kidney stone dissolving) which means it helps to soften and dissolve kidney stones for easier passage through the system from the kidneys into the bladder. Kidney stones form in the kidney and move into the ureter. Gravel Root’s diuretic properties promotes urine flow through the ureter while passing kidney stones from the kidney, through the ureter, the bladder and out of the body with the urine. Gravel Root is used to relieve back pain caused by kidney inflammation. It helps with cystitis, dysuria, urethritis, and pelvic inflammatory disease. Also tones the reproductive tract and is used to treat inflammation of the prostate.​ Gallstones are not actually stones but hardened deposits which gather in your digestive fluid. Gravel Root is a kidney detox and gallbladder cleanse for gall bladder stones. It also has natural diuretic qualities that increase the quantity and frequency of urination promoting the passage of debris from the kidney and gall bladder. Gravel Root provides nutritional support for the urinary tract and relieves painful bouts of urination.Gravel Root treats bladder infections and other conditions affecting the urinary tract. It’s diuretic abilities has a soothing, astringent effect on the urinary tract. It tones and stimulates the pelvic areas as well as the mucous membranes throughout the body. Gravel Root helps flush out harmful bacteria from the urethra, the bladder and the prostate gland. Gravel Root plays a role in the systemic treatment of rheumatism and gout, by encouraging excretion of excess uric acid and other waste from the kidneys. Gravel Root lessens and cleanses uric acid buildup in the joints that leads to arthritis and gout. Gravel Root is good for overall bone health due to its ability to bring minerals into and out of a solution which dissolves and removes deposits in the joints. Gravel Root is used for fever from malaria, dengue virus, or typhus. Gravel Root’s diuretic properties combats edema by flushing out excess water, promoting sweating or induces perspiration to help break a fever. Gravel Root can reduce stomach acid, increase urine flow, cause vomiting, and is a stimulant and tonic.Gravel Root treats urinary incontinence in children, cystitis, urethritis, impotence and can relieve constipation. It is especially excellent for chronic renal and cystitis conditions.Suggested Dosage: 1 dropperful 2 or 3 times daily. DO NOT USE IN EXCESS OR LONG TERM

Yarrow is well-known as the ‘master of the blood.’ Yarrow is noted for clotting, unclotting, and neurovascular by regulating the flow of blood to and from the surface of the body. Yarrow helps with containing lacerations, bruises, active hemorrhaging, and old, hardened bruises, and it helps reduce fevers, or fever and chill cycles. Yarrow regulates heat and congestion in the digestive tract, portal vein, liver, and abdominal viscera and balances uterine congestion because of excessive or lack of bleeding. Yarrow can be used to stop hemorrhaging. Yarrow stops bleeding by building large quickly formed clots. No matter how dirty or contaminated conditions are, Yarrow’s antiseptic properties are strong enough to prevent infection. Yarrow relieves joint soreness and stiffness caused by gout. Use Yarrow for skin eruptions like chicken pox or small pox. It helps to heal sores, dry up pus and fight infection. Yarrow is used for fever, common cold, hay fever, absence of menstruation, dysentery, diarrhea, loss of appetite, gastrointestinal (GI) tract discomfort, and to induce sweating. Yarrow increases secretion in the digestion tract and decongests the internal organs by bringing blood to the surface. Blood at the surface improves circulation and increases saliva and stomach acid which helps improve digestion. Yarrow is used for bloating, intestinal gas (flatulence), mild gastrointestinal (GI) cramping, and other GI complaints. It is great for upset stomach and intestinal issues. Take Yarrow as soon as symptoms of cold and flu begin to appear. This helps to prevent, shorten or lesson the severity of the symptoms. Yarrow is good for sore throats, the chills, constant nasal drip, congestion or mucous. Yarrow is also a fever reducer during illnesses. It allows the pores to open up and induce sweating, the sweating essentially helps to break a fever. Yarrow is a powerful virus inhibitor. Treat early and treat often. Of course, Yarrow has pain relieving qualities which help alleviate menstrual cramps. It is great for the reproductive system as it balances women’s monthly cycles by bringing the blood to the surface and curtailing the blood when excessive. Yarrow is used for female yeast infections. Yarrow has been labeled as a “women’s herb.” Yarrow strengthens blood circulation and improves blood flow. It is known to dilate the capillaries, which in turn increases circulation. Healthy blood circulation is essential to maintaining the overall health of the body. Varicose veins are a common complaint caused by poor circulation. Yarrow is an excellent herb to