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Seasonal Health

The antiviral properties of Olive Leaf is effective against influenza viruses including the strains (influenza A viruses such as H1N1 and H3N2) responsible for the 2009 swine flu pandemic. In addition, Olive Leaf can also block the replication of cold and flu viruses, interfere with the virus' production of the proteins it needs, inactivates the viruses, preventing migration from infected cells and their connection with cell membranes, and stimulates the human immune system response to destroy the virus.  In short, Olive Leaf blocks a virus' life cycle. Olive Leaf has the ability to fight off infections, including candida infections, meningitis, pneumonia, chronic fatigue, hepatitis B, malaria, gonorrhea, shingles and tuberculosis. It also naturally helps ear, dental and urinary tract infections.​ Olive Leaf promotes and improves cardiovascular health.  Oleuropein, the main glycoside present in Olive Leaf, and hydroxytyrosol, the principal product of oleuropein also present in Olive Leaf, is linked to reduction of coronary heart disease and certain cancers.  It helps reverse cardiovascular stress and chronic, disease-causing inflammation. Olive Leaf is often used as a natural treatment for diabetes.  Olive Leaf has hyperglycemic effects, meaning it reduces blood sugar levels in the body.  Olive Leaf also controls blood glucose levels in the body. The polyphenols found in Olive Leaf plays a vital role in delaying the production of sugar, which causes inflammatory diseases like diabetes. Olive Leaf can suppress the elevation in blood glucose after consuming starches. Olive Leaf can reduces the risk of cancer because of its ability to stop the angiogenic process, which stimulates the growth of tumors. Olive Leaf slows the growth of cells associated with breast cancer, urinary bladder cancer and brain cancer. Another benefit of Olive Leaf is its positive effects on brain function. One of the main components in Olive Leaf is its ability to reduce the symptoms or occurrence of age-related disorders, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and improves overall brain function.  Because Olive Leaf is an antioxidant, it helps to combat the damage caused by free radicals and protects the brain from memory loss. Because the Olive Leaf is an anti-inflammatory agent, it works as a natural arthritis remedy.  Olive Leaf cuts down on the chronic pain that is associated with osteoarthritis, and it reduces the production of cytokines and enzymes that are markers for the inflammatory process. Some more Olive Leaf benefits may include, more energy, toothache relief, diminished food cravings, joint pain relief, heartbeat regulation and improved wound healing. ADULT DOSAGES:Health Maintenance: 1-2 dropperful times dailyDisease Prevention: 3 dropperful dailyAcute Illness: 3-5 dropperful daily 12-18 YEARS:Health Maintenance: 1/2 dropperful1-2 times dailyDisease Prevention: 1/2 dropperful 3 times daily Acute Illness: 1/2 dropperful 3 times daily 6-12 YEARS;Health Maintenance: 12 drops 1 -

During the flu pandemic of 1917-1918, a special root was used by the Washoe Indian tribes near Carson City, Nevada. Dr. E.T. Krebs Sr., a contracted physician assigned by the U.S. government, was surprised to find these Native American tribes free from respiratory illness and no deaths attributed from the “influenza bug.” This was especially unbelievable because people were “dying like flies” throughout the entire region, the nation and the world. Seeing the dried root hanging, Dr. Krebs was told it was “powerful medicine” and took the dried root to San Francisco and the “people just stopped dying.” Those Native Americans called the medicinal root “Dortza”, which meant “powerful medicine.” They collected it during the year when the richest supply of oils were concentrated in the large underground roots. Chopped and hung them to dry in their huts. LDM (Lomatium Dissectum v. Multifida) Extract is used both as a preventative against viral infections or solely during high-risk periods. It inhibits growth and reproduction of viral organisms, rendering them inactive, thus enabling white blood cells to do their job by dumping them to be filtered out of the body. Volatile oil factions in the root contain the antiviral/antibiotic properties along with powerful anti-bacterial/anti-fungal properties. LDM extract stops the growth of all viruses, bacteria and fungus in the body and eliminates the lethal micro-organisms without harming the ones necessary to good health. LDM is anti-viral and the dosage depends upon the strength or weakness of the body’s natural immune system. LDM is completely natural and non-toxic; therefore, the dosage may be safely increased until it takes effect. Adults: 3 to 10 drops, 3 to 5 times daily. Start with a low dosage, increase with tolerance. Keep dosage low for first 7 days, then increase as needed. Children: 3 to 4 drops, 4 to 6 times daily gradually increasing quantity and frequency. 1 to 2 drops for babies added to water or juice. NOTICE: 1 in 200 people get a one time harmless detox rash. This is due to the body dumping high amounts of toxins and its inability to filter it through. Stop LDM until rash has cleared and then begin again. Always begin LDM in small doses. DISCLAIMERThis information is to be used for educational purposes only and has been solely based on the historic and traditional use of herbs. This information has not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. Part of KuKista’s roots come from

Yarrow is well-known as the ‘master of the blood.’ Yarrow is noted for clotting, unclotting, and neurovascular by regulating the flow of blood to and from the surface of the body. Yarrow helps with containing lacerations, bruises, active hemorrhaging, and old, hardened bruises, and it helps reduce fevers, or fever and chill cycles. Yarrow regulates heat and congestion in the digestive tract, portal vein, liver, and abdominal viscera and balances uterine congestion because of excessive or lack of bleeding. Yarrow can be used to stop hemorrhaging. Yarrow stops bleeding by building large quickly formed clots. No matter how dirty or contaminated conditions are, Yarrow’s antiseptic properties are strong enough to prevent infection. Yarrow relieves joint soreness and stiffness caused by gout. Use Yarrow for skin eruptions like chicken pox or small pox. It helps to heal sores, dry up pus and fight infection. Yarrow is used for fever, common cold, hay fever, absence of menstruation, dysentery, diarrhea, loss of appetite, gastrointestinal (GI) tract discomfort, and to induce sweating. Yarrow increases secretion in the digestion tract and decongests the internal organs by bringing blood to the surface. Blood at the surface improves circulation and increases saliva and stomach acid which helps improve digestion. Yarrow is used for bloating, intestinal gas (flatulence), mild gastrointestinal (GI) cramping, and other GI complaints. It is great for upset stomach and intestinal issues. Take Yarrow as soon as symptoms of cold and flu begin to appear. This helps to prevent, shorten or lesson the severity of the symptoms. Yarrow is good for sore throats, the chills, constant nasal drip, congestion or mucous. Yarrow is also a fever reducer during illnesses. It allows the pores to open up and induce sweating, the sweating essentially helps to break a fever. Yarrow is a powerful virus inhibitor. Treat early and treat often. Of course, Yarrow has pain relieving qualities which help alleviate menstrual cramps. It is great for the reproductive system as it balances women’s monthly cycles by bringing the blood to the surface and curtailing the blood when excessive. Yarrow is used for female yeast infections. Yarrow has been labeled as a “women’s herb.” Yarrow strengthens blood circulation and improves blood flow. It is known to dilate the capillaries, which in turn increases circulation. Healthy blood circulation is essential to maintaining the overall health of the body. Varicose veins are a common complaint caused by poor circulation. Yarrow is an excellent herb to