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Calming Collection

Passion Flower has a sense of divine potency. Most varieties bloom with their unique and glorious flowers for just one day, blooming with a deep and timeless healing energy.​Passion Flower helps alleviate of symptoms of depression, anxiety, obesity, elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol, addiction withdrawal and difficulty sleeping. Passion Flower is used topically for burns, pain or swelling. Passion Flower’s removes unfriendly estrogen from the body. Passion Flower is a mood enhancer and actually reduces the level of stress hormones in the body. Not only does it help prevent stress and depression, but Passion Flower also promotes a feeling of energy and a positive outlook. Passion Flower also relaxes and is calming. It is a gentle stress reducer. Low doses of Passion Flower reduces anxiety, while higher doses produce acts as a sedative. Passion Flower is commonly used to support restful sleep and helps with insomnia. Passion Flower helps with the persistent inability to fall asleep or remain asleep. Passion Flower is generally used to fight nervousness, anxiety, and extreme pressure. It is powerful to use for generalized anxiety disorders. However, Passion Flower doesn’t cause drowsiness, “hangover” symptoms or deterioration of work performance the next day. Passion Flower addresses ADHD, hysteria, irregular heartbeat, palpitations, gastrointestinal problems, menstrual problems and fibromyalgia. Passion Flower is a gentle sedative and tranquilizer. It relaxes twitching and muscle tension without impacting respiratory rate or psychological function. Passion Flower herb is used for nervous disorders and seizures. Passion Flower delays the onset and decreases the duration of involuntary muscle contractions. It also seems to reduce unhappy feelings after involuntary muscle contraction episodes whereas standard treatments tend to increase them. Also, used as a remedy for epilepsy. Passion Flower helps beat addiction to drugs and alcohol. It soothes the symptoms of withdrawal and improves the mood by decreasing anxiety levels. Passion Flower reduces nicotine cravings, it helps address both physical and mental symptoms of withdrawal with no detrimental side effects. Passion Flower also helps fight withdrawal symptoms from opiate medications. Furthermore, Passion Flower helped control psychological withdrawal symptoms, including stress and irritability. For women, Passion Flower helps with difficult mood swings, significant hormonal changes and imbalances, anxiety and even sleep problems due to menopause symptoms. Passion Flower helps the neurotransmitters to balance and promote mood-improving and hormone-regulating GABA to be released into the system. Passion Flower improves depression and other symptoms of menopause, including anger, insomnia and headaches. Passion Flower might provide advantages for menopause

Marshmallow root is well-known as a diuretic and is closely linked to kidney health. It helps eliminate excess fats, salts, toxins and water from the body. Marshmallow stimulates the kidneys and helps to void urine, and gives relief from excruciating pain from urinating. The diuretic properties help encourage the elimination of kidney stones by releasing a substance that relieves irritation of mucous membranes. It forms a protective film to help lubricate the passage for stones to leave the body with a less painful result. Marshmallow root helps to cause frequent urination and increased urine output. The diuretic properties help with UTI (urinary tract infections) and also water retention from leg and ankle swelling, and face puffiness. Marshmallow Root is well known for its soothing effect on the respiratory system. Marshmallow also relieves pain from a sore throat, soothes the irritation from dry coughing, and helps to cut through the mucus, phlegmier or phlegm buildup in your respiratory tracts. It helps to attack the underlying infection that causes bronchitis, sinus infection or inflammatory issues. Mashmallow root forms a protective coating over the esophagus, stomach and small intestine linings, temporarily calming soreness, inflammation or the burning sensation caused by heartburn. This optimizes digestion and improves the efficiency of nutrient uptake. It is good for acid reflux, gastritis and peptic ulcers. Marshmallow root reduces stomach acid production in GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) and promotes healing of any existing ulcers. The pectin in Marshmallow root binds loose stools together, while the mucilage relieves irritation and pain associated with frequent stools or diarrhea . For constipation, the pectin increases viscosity and adds volume to stools. Marshmallow root generally promotes easy passing of bowel movements and promotes healing and soothes pain for conditions such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Marshmallow helps with joint pain. Its diuretic nature helps to reduce joint swelling, while its anti-inflammatory and lubricating nature helps joints move easier and with less pain.Marshmallow relieves the discomfort of burns, bites, stings, rashes, and other skin irritations/injuries. Marshmallow is also antibacterial, fighting infection at the site and stimulates the immune system to eat away at invading microbes and foreign materials. Marshmallow has been used to help prevent gangrene. Marshmallow Root helps with chronic dry mouth or xerostomia. Hyposalivation, or low levels of saliva, can cause an increase in cavities, gum disease, and dental infections. Dry mouth usually means that a person has too little saliva in their mouth. Marshmallow Root helps with

Anxiety, Restlessness, Insomnia and Stress-related Chronic Pain and Muscular Spasm Relief Kava Piper methysticum plant leaves outdoor from the garden use to make Kava drink of people in Pacific Ocean cultures Kava Kava Root is one of the most powerful herbs that produces a calming effects and helps relax muscles and evoke a sense of contentment. It relieves anxiety, restlessness, insomnia and stress-related chronic pain and muscular spasm.​ Kava promotes better sleep and is the best herbal remedy for inducing sleep and fighting off insomnia. Its sedative actions helps improve the quality of sleep and the duration of time required to fall asleep. Kava reduces stress by alleviating pain and serving as an anxiolytic at the same time. It also serves as a muscle relaxant, specifically, it helps reduce muscular tension and cramps and makes one feel light and calm. Kava is used as a therapy for anxiety. Kava is effective in treating the symptoms associated with stress. It is an herbal remedy for stress, anxiety, and insomnia. The kavalactones in Kava are responsible for operating in the brain via non-opiate pathways. Kava is known for its sedative qualities. It has a traditional consumption as a hypnotic, psychotropic and anxiolytic. This plant produces similar effects that of alcohol, alleviating anxiety, creating a sense of calmness, acting as an analgesic as well as an anti-depressant. Kava interacts with the limbic system of the brain, thus invoking better conversations and a happy mood. It enhances sociability and helps mood swings. Using Kava as a remedy for mood swings increases cheerfulness, and induces a healthier and pleasant feeling. Menopausal women take it to help them with their mood swings without affecting other systems of the body. Kava is a therapeutic support for addiction. Kavapyrones are responsible for binding to particular receptors in brains that are associated with cravings of addiction. Flavokawains present in Kava, have anticancer properties. It inhibits the growth of tumor cells present in prostate and also helps in prevention of metastasis. It also boosts the immune system as it possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps combat breast cancer by decreasing the weight and volume of the tumor. It is recommended not to use Kava continuously for more than three months at a time, using an off and on approach is best. Dosage: 1-2 dropperfuls at bedtime. Do not exceed more than 2 dropperfuls daily. Don’t drive after taking Kava because of sedative properties.Do not drink alcohol while taking Kava.Avoid mixing Kava with

Fresh Skullcap Dried Skullcap Skullcap Root Skullcap is a comforting herb, traditionally used to alleviate nervous tension and exhaustion. It is used to promote emotional well being and relaxation during times of occasional distress. Skullcap is a nervine, an herb that works to strengthen and nourish the nervous system. It soothes even the most irritated nerves and helps to subside tension headaches. Using this herb throughout the day, multiple times, keeps anxiety and nervous tension out of the way and strengthens your nervous system for future high stress.​ Skullcap is beneficial when used a sleep aid. It helps to relax, wind down, and also has some sedative like properties. Skullcap is extremely good for the body since it does not block any natural functions of the body, in fact, it helps the body operate at optimal levels and strengthens the whole system allowing better sleep and feeling rejuvenated every time. Skullcap is good for spasms, convulsions and for nervous conditions, it has a calming effect on the body, such as excitability, insomnia, hysteria, convulsions, tremors, epilepsy, hypertension, bed wetting, restlessness, stress, and general restlessness. It has also been recommended for rheumatism, rickets, palsy, neuralgia, chorea, snakebites, poisonous insect bites, and delirium tremens (DTs). Skullcap helps as an alternative to address ADD and a number of other nerve disorders. Native Americans used the plant to promote menstruation, menstrual cramps, and it was reputed to be effective against rabies. It is given to recovering alcoholics suffering from withdrawal symptoms. This is one of the best herbs to help break addictions and ease the problems associated with drug, alcohol, barbiturate and tranquilizer withdrawal. Skullcap helps relax or suppress excessive sexual desire. Skullcap is a fantastic brain tonic for promoting meditation. Skullcap is recognized as the “spirit” of a nurturing origin. Skullcap is a “pickup” or “get back on track” for those not feeling well or have nervous stomach, or are just plain exhausted. Skullcap helps introduce spirits to each other by connecting to natural guides, angels, departed family and ancestors. Skullcap help bonds and connects to harmonious and secure spirits. It naturally and gently promotes a rhythmical relaxed state helping to guide or accompany those you need to meet. It is a top meditation herb. Standard dosage: Tincture: a dose is from 3-25 drops, taken in hot water. A small dose (3-5 drops of fresh Skullcap tincture) takes the edge off a simple tension headache in a few minutes. A larger dose

Chronic AnxietyBreastfeeding Milk ProductionChronic BronchitisColdsDepression ReliefBody DetoxDiureticKidney ProtectionLiver ProtectionMenstruation - BloatingMood SwingsNervous DisordersPain ReliefRespiratory - InflammationSleeplessnessStressSore ThroatToxin Elimination HEALING BENEFITS AND GENERAL DISCUSSION of TRANQUILITY BLEND: The herbal extract combination of BLUE VERVAIN and VALERIAN ROOT is not harmful and will not cause product dependency. INDICATIONS: BLUE VERVAIN is a valuable alternative medicine used in homeopathy for insomnia, epilepsy, and other nervous conditions. It has a calming action on the nerves and may also be used to improve liver function and digestion. It also has antispasmodic, diaphoretic, astringent, and expectorant properties. INDICATIONS: VALERIAN is a powerful nervine and antispasmodic. It has a remarkable influence on the cerebro-spinal system, and is used as a sedative to the higher nerve center in conditions of nervous unrest. It will diminish or put to rest pain and promotes sleep. It is useful and benefits those suffering from nervous overstrain as it possesses none of the after-effects produced by narcotics. Relieves Depression: People suffering from depression and unpredictable moods use Tranquility Blend. It is relaxing and uplifting which promotes positive thinking, stimulates the release of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, and improves your mood. Body Detox: Tranquility Blend is used as a diuretic to stimulate the release of urine from the body. It helps eliminate toxins from the system, as well as excess water, salts, and fat. Also, it helps protect the kidneys and the liver by reducing dangerous substances and toxins that accumulate there. Blue Vervain, specifically, is a highly effective remedy for a bladder infection. Respiratory Inflammation: Chest congestion, colds, chronic bronchitis, sore throats or respiratory inflammation, Tranquility Blend, clears up your tracts and eliminates irritation. Excellent for coughs and colds as it also acts as an expectorant helping to expel mucus and phlegm in the respiratory tracts. Healthy Nervous System: The soothing properties of Blue Vervain can effectively treat nervous disorders, chronic anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness. Blue Vervain calms nerves and re-balances hormone levels, ensuring that our body can rest. Menstruation Bloating: Women who suffer from severe periods use Blue Vervain. It is known to reduce cramps and general discomfort, and bloating. Its effects on mood and depression soften the symptoms of menstruation, while it helps to regulate hormones to keep them balanced and functional. Breast Milk Production: Blue Vervain can help stimulate and increase breast milk production releasing all beneficial nutrients. Pain Relief: Tranquility Blend acts as a powerful analgesic. It’s effective on arthritic pain and kidney stone pain. It numbs

Ashwagandha • Anti-Bacterial • Anti-Depressant • Aphrodisiac • Arthritis Antiinflammator - Chronic • Blood-Increased production • Reduce Side-effects of Radiation Therapy • Diabetes • Gastrointestinal, Anti-inflammatory •  Immune Boost •  Libido Enhancer •  Mild Sedative •  Nerve Calming •  Respiratory Tract Infections •  Rheumatism •  Stress Reducer •  Thyroid Stimulate •  Urinogential, Anti-inflammatory ½ tsp of ashwagandha powder1 tsp of honey¼ tsp of neem powder & ¼ tsp of turmeric    powderMix all the ingredientsApply it on the faceLet it set for 30 minutes and wash it with    cold water Honey helps make skin smooth, prevents pimples and dehydration. Putting honey daily for all skin types is good especially for winters, it is absolutely good for your face. It gives suppleness, firmness, reduces dry patches and pimples. Plant Indications Relieves Stress: Ashwagandha possesses anti-stress properties. Traditionally, it is administered to induce a soothing and calming effect. The various anti-stress properties in Ashwagandha show significant reduction in stress levels. Stimulates the Thyroid Gland: Ashwagandha improves the health of your thyroid. It is extremely effective especially at balancing hormones. Ashwagandha helps with both hypo and hyper thyroid issues. It supports a sluggish thyroid for people diagnosed with Hashimotos, and improves the health for an overactive thyroid or Graves disease. Adaptogenic herbs works to bring back balance whether levels are high or low. In cases of hypothyroidism, Ashwagandha is used to stimulate the thyroid gland by increasing the secretion of thyroid hormones. Adrenal Rejuvenation: Ashwagandha is effective in supporting adrenal function helping to overcome adrenal fatigue and chronic stress. Adrenal glands are endocrine glands that are responsible for releasing hormones (cortisol and adrenaline) in response to stress on the body. If adrenals are overtaxed due to an overabundance of emotional, physical and mental stress, it is a condition known as adrenal fatigue. If adrenals become exhausted, it disrupts other hormones, including progesterone, causing infertility and lower DHEA, which causes faster aging. Increased Blood Production: Haematopoiesis is the process of producing new blood. Ashwagandha possesses hemo-poetic properties which means that red blood cell and white blood cell counts increased significantly helping to prevent conditions like anemia. Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Ashwagandha is effective in dealing with a variety of rheumatologic problems. The herb is known to act as a cyclooxygenase inhibitor that decreases inflammation and pain. Ashwagandha has anti-inflammatory properties that come from the alkaloids, saponins, and steroidal lactones found within it. Anti-Carcinogenic Properties: Ashwagandha an alternative in the field of oncology because the healing propitious for radiation therapy and chemotherapy. It is known to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy without interfering with the tumor