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Author: Sharon Smith

“Millions of Americans suffer from low energy, digestive discomfort, and trouble losing weight. Many also experience achy muscles and joints, skin problems, headaches, and even frequent colds. "If you're experiencing any of these health issues, the real problem may be Leaky Gut," says Dr. Steven Gundry. According to Dr. Gundry — who has studied leaky gut for over 20 years — certain foods can cause tears in our gut lining. This, in turn, allows toxins to enter our body that lead to digestive discomfort, food cravings, fatigue, weight gain, and even more health issues.” Nowadays, more and more people are becoming sensitive to more and more foods. It seems harder and harder to get enough probiotics every day in order to process or digest the foods we eat. Often we end up with Heartburn, Acid Reflux or sometimes even Leaky Gut Syndrome. I’ve found adding Kombucha to my daily routine to be a tasty way to increase the healthy bacteria for my insides. Kombucha is fermented tea packed full of probiotics and nutrients. It contains B vitamins, provides yeasts and healthy bacteria promoting general health. I drink Kombucha’s specifically for its good bacteria aiding my digestive system and to boost my immunity. Normally, Kombucha is made with sweetened green or black tea. However, personally I have a sensitivity to both green and black tea. This is what pushed me to find a good tasting tea for my homemade Kombucha. I started with Chamomile tea, a lovely light taste, then Jasmine tea, which has more taste and a tangy twinge to it and finally, decided on Red Rooibos tea. Red Rooibos also has good digestive health properties and relieves allergy symptoms. It is a natural and safe antihistamine. Helpful for seasonal hay fever and asthma. Red Rooibos helps promote sleep and improves the quality of sleep for those who suffer from insomnia. The final verdict? Red Rooibos Kombucha is perfect. The flavor is a phenomenal robust outdoor flavor and the raw honey gives it a lightly sweetened taste. The health benefits of fermenting the tea using a live Scoby along with the health benefits from the tea itself makes it perfect Kombucha. Here’s my healthy homemade Red Rooibos Kombucha recipe - makes 1 gallon of delicious and nutritious Kombucha: √ Bring to a boil 32 ounces of filtered or distilled water. √ Turn off heat and add 6 TBS Red Rooibos tea, steep for 15 minutes with lid on. (Keeping the

Rhodiola is a very hardy plant and grows at an altitude of 10,000 feet above sea level under conditions of low oxygen content and lower temperatures. Rhodiola is a medicinal plant that helps protect cells from oxidative damage caused by environmental and chemical stressors and not surprisingly, it heals the body in a hardy way. Rhodiola is one of the most healing herbs and is beneficial for the heart, weight loss, altitude sickness, blood sugar levels, liver protection, thyroid function, adrenal function, and improving sexual functions in both men and women. Rhodiola helps to combat fatigue and restore energy. Rhodiola seems to work by influencing key central nervous system chemicals and neurotransmitters such as dopamine and Serotonin. By increasing serotonin precursors, Rhodiola reduces the stress hormone, cortisol, and in turn, promotes a positive mood and better mental balance. Unbalanced brain chemicals can cause anxiety, depression, and fatigue. By strengthening the nervous system, Rhodiola increases overall mood and vitality. Also, Rhodiola normalizes and balances monoamines in the body which helps with symptoms of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a mental state for those deprived of adequate sun over prolonged periods of months. Rhodiola helps ease chronic fatigue syndrome. Rhodiola helps to counter the exhaustion from working the body too hard, either physically or mentally. Rhodiola can help with sleep deprivation headaches, or appetite changes related to fatigue or exhaustion. Rhodiola also helps with recovery from an intense work schedule with it’s apparent energy-boosting capacity. Rhodiola helps the body stay healthy and perform at top-notch condition despite physical exhaustion or environmental stresses, such as high heat or pollutants in the air and water. It also helps with functions that include, smooth muscle contraction, temperature regulation, appetite, pain perception, behavior, blood pressure and respiration. When balanced, it imparts a sense of contentment and mental ease. Rhodiola can protect the liver from medication damage and is also known for its effects on the body’s immune system. The herb works by stimulating and maintaining the immune system’s proper balance and increases the cells that ward off harmful pathogens. Rhodiola helps rebalance and stabilize the body to handle acute stress and the damage it can do to the body. Rhodiola aids in weight reduction. It activates the lipolytic processes (fat breakdown) and mobilizes lipids from adipose tissue to a natural fat burning system for weight reduction. Rhodiola helps reduce stress induced binge eating. It also enhances thyroid function

In ancient times, St. John’s Wort was used as a sedative or to treat malaria. It was also popular as a balm for wounds, burns and insect bites. The impressive health benefits of St. John’s Wort include its ability to help with depression, improve mood swings, relieve anxiety, reduce the severity of pre-menstrual symptoms, ease addictive tendencies, regulate hormonal activity, protect against viral infections, reduce inflammation, and soothe the nervous system. St. John’s Wort herb is a very good restorative tonic for the nervous system and is perhaps most well-known for its anti-depressant nature. For generations, it has been widely used to relieve symptoms of depression and is a popular natural solution. It contains antidepressant chemicals that inhibit or delay the reuptake of certain neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. St. John’s Wort helps improve the mood for seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a type of depression that occurs during the winter months because of lack of sunlight. St. John's Wort helps with other emotional disorders such as anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), menopausal mood swings, and premenstrual syndrome. St. John’s Wort is widely recommended for women who suffer from feminine sexual health such as mood swings, pre-menstrual syndrome and menopause. St. John’s Wort can help reduce mood swings and anxiety in menopausal women and reduce the severity of cramping and pre-menstrual irritation and depression. St. John’s works to restore hormonal balance, its active ingredients also have a strong effects on hormone regulation in the body. It also helps reduce of symptoms of hypothyroidism and helps the thyroid gland release normal levels of hormones again.​Today, St. John’s Wort is used for anxiety, and some sleep disorders due to depression, sadness, decreased energy, fatigue, restlessness, insomnia, irritability or melancholy. St. John’s Wort acts in harmony with the brain’s sleep-inducing mechanism, enhancing its action instead of overriding it. St. John’s Wort is a natural sedative and pain reliever. It can be used for sciatica or rheumatic pain. St. John’s Wort helps relieve excessive pain by removing the effects of shock giving the mind and body a feeling of vigor and well being. This is valuable for post-surgical pain or helping to relieve fibromyalgia pain. The soothing nature of St. John’s Wort and the rich concentration of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds make it perfect for easing pain of arthritis, gout, joint discomfort, and muscle ache. Just as it helps to ease inflammation on the skin and in the gut, St. John’s Wort

Red Rooibos acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It helps protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals and inflammation. Red Rooibos is used for cardiovascular diseases like hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis), high cholesterol and high blood pressure, diabetes, cataracts, hay fever, ulcers, and more. Along with eating a healthy diet and doing regular exercise, Red Rooibos helps boost weight loss and prevents the accumulation of adipose tissue. Red Rooibos contains muscle relaxants which acts as vasodilator, consequently, reducing high blood pressure. By helping to decrease blood pressure and improving blood circulation, Red Rooibos can also help to lower cholesterol levels. Red Rooibos lowers hypertension (abnormally high blood pressure) by regulating hormones secreted from the adrenal gland. Additionally, Red Rooibos can protect the heart and blood vessels against toxicity and damage due to chemical exposure or complications from diabetes relating to the heart. Red Rooibos helps protect against vascular inflammation, heart oxidation and ischemia (a lack of blood supply to the heart) related to diabetic cardiomyopathy. For diabetes, Red Rooibos helps keep diabetes in check. Red Rooibos works to regulate blood sugar levels and increase glucose tolerance. It helps decrease insulin resistance and improve diabetic symptoms. Red Rooibos potentially delays and reduces the progression of Type-2 diabetes. Red Rooibos helps maintain good digestive health, especially when experiencing frequent abdominal pain or diarrhea. Operating as an antispasmodic, Red Rooibos helps to prevent abdominal pain and reduces the occurrence of diarrhea. While anti-inflammatory properties of Red Rooibos helps ward off symptoms of pain and swelling, the antispasmodic compounds in Red Rooibos also helps to diminish abdominal pain by activating potassium ions throughout the body. For sensitive stomachs, Red Rooibos helps especially with colitis inflammation, stomach cramps, colic, chronic acid reflux, and celiac disease. For pain, Red Rooibos aids in treating symptoms of arthritis because it is high in vitamin C, which repairs collagen and connective tissue in the joints. For a healthy liver function, Red Rooibos enhances and boosts the antioxidant status of the liver, including those with tissue damage of the liver due to oxidative stress.Specific healing properties of Red Rooibos helps lower the stress hormone cortisol and reduces anxiety.​Red Rooibos relieves allergy symptoms to the body’s immune response that triggers allergies and is a natural and safe antihistamine. Red Rooibos curbs the symptoms of allergies, such as congestion, runny nose, and sneezing associated with hay fever and allergic rhinitis. Red Rooibos also helps

1.  How do medicinal plants work?Long before pure chemicals were manufactured in labs, people used plants for medicine. Today, there are over 100 active ingredients derived from plants for use as drugs and medicines.  KuKista uses an alcohol based extraction process which takes every living part of the plant leaving nothing but the skeleton or the carcass to be filtered out, preserving the medicinal qualities of the plant to be used.2.  Are they safe?Today more and more people are becoming interested in natural healing using medicinal plants.  There is a general feeling among people today to know how to be self-sufficient and to care for their own general welfare.  Using medicinal plants is serious and should be done with wisdom and good judgment.  Most plants are extremely safe to use, but care must still be exercised because body chemistries can differ.  If in question, ALWAYS refer to an expert.3.  Why use natural healing plants in our modern world of medicine?Using natural supplements is getting more acceptable and more popular every day among our every day culture.  It seems to make sense to take advantage of everything that is good for the body.  Here at KuKista, we want to be a part of your overall whole body health team and give you access to our years of experience and our high quality healing herbs.4.  How will I know how much to take?If you are a beginner, start with a few drops.  This gives the body time to manage something new in your system and then move up to full dosages.  KuKista puts suggested dosages on every bottle.  If there is any kind of reaction stop immediately.  Don’t be discouraged and talk to an expert to find out what is the best way to get started again.5.  Can I make my own medicinal herbal extractions?Absolutely.  We have so much access to modern day information and online classes, podcasts and media.  KuKista’s roots come from a second generation 43 years of experience and beginnings and origination from Max Barlow, a BYU graduate of Botany, we use his original formulas and methods.6.  Where do I find information to help me know about healing plants?Again, free access to modern day information or logon to and get started right there.7.  What do I need to start?You can start slow or go all in.  Here at KuKista, we are prepared to be a part of your whole body health team however fast or slow you want to jump in.  A great way to start

5 Powerhouse Herbs, Blended to Perfection for Protection ​During Extreme High-Risk Times Immunity Guard KuKista is proud to introduce Immunity Guard, a perfect blend of five powerhouse herbs blended into one great extract that is used to guard your immune system. 1 LDM - (Lomatium) a preventative against viral infections especially during high-risk periods. It inhibits growth and reproduction of viral organisms, rendering them inactive, thus enabling white blood cells to do their job and dump them to be filtered out of the body.2 Dandelion helps neutralize or prevent the negative effects of free radicals in your body. It provides strong protection against cellular damage and oxidative stress. Because of Dandelion’s ability to rid the body of free radicals and strong cell protection, it also then prevents the growth of dangerous cells.3 Red Roobios stops cell mutation and helps to fight against the free radicals. Red Roobios boosts the immune system and protects the body from viruses. Rooibos enhances cellular resistance to oxidative stress and provides protection against cell death.4 Astragalus helps the body fight off stress and disease. It prevents and protects cells against cell death, free radicals and oxidation. Astragalus essentially regulates the body’s immune responses.5 Venus Fly Trap stimulates and activates sluggish white blood cells. Stimulated, they fight infection and defend the body against foreign materials, recognize and defend against intruders, kills harmful bacteria and create antibodies to protect the body against exposure to bacteria and viruses. Venus Fly Trap possess an advanced type of immune system capable of distinguishing between harmful intruder organisms and its own materials. ​Want to have a quick chat? Feel free to reserve a TIME with our experts - Mary, Sharon or Lon. ​ DISCLAIMERThis information is to be used for educational purposes only and has been solely based on the historic and traditional use of herbs. This information has not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration, nor has it gone through studies required before a particular product can be deemed truly beneficial or potentially dangerous. Part of KuKista’s roots come from an original group informally interested in knowing more about the healing properties of medicinal plants. Initially, a collective effort to compile information to share with each other was started without regards to sources or references. KuKista recognizes all information on our website to be “shared” information without the intention of plagiarism, acknowledgement to original authors and sources or copyright infringements. We have

We love both! Just like Vanilla extracts that are normally used in our kitchen for baking, tinctures are made using the same method from medicinal plants using alcohol. Healing plants are weighed out in proper amounts and soaked in alcohol ranging from 50 to 180 proof alcohol. This process extracts everything in the plant leaving only the actual structure of the plant to be filter out changing it from “spirits” to an herbal extract.​ Herbal tinctures are easy to use because you can start with as low as 1 drop and up your dosage to as much as needed. Tinctures and essential oils are like comparing oranges to apples. They are just two different products. Essential oils has a completely different extraction process called distillation. Distillation is the process of separating only the highly concentrated “essential oils” from a liquid mixture using selective boiling and condensation. As the distillation takes place, the steam generated dissipates leaving the heavier essential oils to be collected. Here at KuKista, our tinctures are still made in small batches, hand mixed and hand filtered for the very best quality and most effective healing extractions. DISCLAIMERThis information is to be used for educational purposes only and has been solely based on the historic and traditional use of herbs. This information has not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration, nor has it gone through studies required before a particular product can be deemed truly beneficial or potentially dangerous.

During the flu pandemic of 1917-1918, a special root was used by the Washoe Indian tribes near Carson City, Nevada.  Dr. E.T. Krebs Sr., a contracted physician assigned by the U.S. government, was surprised to find these Native American tribes free from respiratory illness and no deaths attributed from the “influenza bug.”  This was especially unbelievable because people were “dying like flies” throughout the entire region, the nation and the world.  Seeing the dried root hanging, Dr. Krebs was told it was “powerful medicine” and took the dried root to San Francisco and the “people just stopped dying.” Those Native Americans called the medicinal root “Dortza”, which meant “powerful medicine.”  They collected it during the year when the richest supply of oils were concentrated in the large underground roots.  Chopped and hung them to dry in their huts. LDM (Lomatium Dissectum v. Multifida) Extract is used both as a preventative against viral infections or  solely during high-risk periods.  It inhibits growth and reproduction of viral organisms, rendering them inactive, thus enabling white blood cells to do their job by dumping them to be filtered out of the body. Volatile oil factions in the root contain the antiviral/antibiotic properties along with powerful anti-bacterial/anti-fungal properties.  LDM extract stops the growth of all viruses, bacteria and fungus in the body and eliminates the lethal micro-organisms without harming the ones necessary to good health. LDM is anti-viral and the dosage depends upon the strength or weakness of the body’s natural immune system. LDM is completely natural and non-toxic; therefore, the dosage may be safely increased until it takes effect. Adults: 3 to 10 drops, 3 to 5 times daily.   Start with a low dosage, increase with tolerance.  Keep dosage low for first 7 days, then increase as needed. Children: 3 to 4 drops, 4 to 6 times daily gradually increasing quantity and frequency. 1 to 2 drops for babies added to water or juice. NOTICE:  1 in 200 people get a one time harmless detox rash.  This is due to the body dumping high amounts of toxins and its inability to filter it through.  Stop LDM until rash has cleared and then begin again.  Always begin LDM in small doses. Buy LDM at or click on any LDM icon and it will link you directly to the buy button. DISCLAIMERThis information is to be used for educational purposes only and has been solely based on the historic and traditional use of herbs.  This information has not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration, nor has it gone through studies required before a particular product can be deemed truly

In a time of unsettled chaos, take time to TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!  But how can you trust your own instincts with so much information being bombarded your way?  Ask yourself these 3 simple questions: 1. Am I paying attention to what my “instincts” are telling me? It’s easy to get yourself in a panic with so much immediate access to information from all over the world.  You’re smart. You can figure things out.  Most of all, pay attention.  You will know what is best for you and your circumstances. 2.  Am I afraid to trust my own “instincts?” NO!  Your instincts are the first place to trust.  It’s easy to use your other 5 senses for information, but your inner self is the one who always has your back.  Sometimes when there’s a lot of outside pressure and it seems like you are standing a lone with what you KNOW is best for you, it can make you start to second guess yourself.  Don’t be afraid and listen. 3.  What’s the next step? Courage.  Simple as that.  Have the courage to actually listen and trust what your instincts are telling you.  That means you may look silly to others or you are making decisions different than what the “crowds” are doing, however, in the long run, that courage will benefit YOU the most. ​How can KuKista help you? ​ Your health is in YOUR hands and KuKista can help the natural way.  We offer 48 beautiful herbal tinctures and believe in a “whole body” approach.  Shop our website and access our natural medicine cabinet for head to toe TOP health products. ​ DISCLAIMERThis information is to be used for educational purposes only and has been solely based on the historic and traditional use of herbs.  This information has not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration, nor has it gone through studies required before a particular product can be deemed truly beneficial or potentially dangerous.

How to Extract the Healing Properties of Plants Tinctures are becoming more and more popular today.  In fact, the best way to get the most healing properties out of medicinal plants is in tincture form.  What does that mean?  Tincture is another name for “extract” and that means plants both dried and fresh are soaked in alcohol.  By soaking the herbs in alcohol it extracts everything from the plant which includes all medicinal properties. By taking tinctures, you get to control the dosage.  Usually, tinctures come in UV protected bottles with droppers.  That makes it easy to take only what you really need by adding or subtracting drops. Tinctures are quick and convenient.  They are easy to ingest, easy to travel and easy to store.  A few drops in water or juice or directly on the tongue takes only a second. Finally, tinctures are long lasting.  Using the alcohol extraction helps the healing properties of the plant to stay suspended in the alcohol.  According to the International School of Herbal Arts and Sciences, if stored properly, tinctures have a longer shelf life than tea or decoction extracts.​KuKista has over 44 years of extracting experience.  We understand that the weather, altitude and temperature are important for good extractions.  We have mastered the extraction process and still make small batches for the highest quality of medicinal tinctures. DISCLAIMERThis information is to be used for educational purposes only and has been solely based on the historic and traditional use of herbs.  This information has not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration, nor has it gone through studies required before a particular product can be deemed truly beneficial or potentially dangerous.