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Overall Health

√  Anxiety​ √  Aphrodisiac √  Bedwetting √  Bladder Infection √  Depression √  Digestion √  Energy √  Frigidity √  Impotence √  Menopause - Dryness √  Menstrual - Irregular √  Stomach Ulcers √  Weight Loss DAMIANA TEA Drinking Damiana Tea is popular and it’s easy to make. Warm your teapot with scalding-hot water. The hotter the water the better the herbal extraction.Place 2 heaping teaspoons dried Damiana leaf directly into pot (or tea ball), or pour boiling water directly into cup, if you're making just one serving.Steep a full 15 minutes to make sure all the therapeutic properties are released.Strain your tea into a new mug and discard the leaves.Add one teaspoon of good quality honey to sweeten your tea if too bitter.You may also add a wedge of fresh lemon to give your drink some additional flavor.  Drink up and enjoy. You can drink up to three cups of Damiana Tea a day. Damiana leaf is best known to be an aphrodisiac which benefits the libido of both women and men.  For men, Damiana is used to help regain their sexual prowess by increasing blood flow to a man’s general area during sexual activity helping to stimulate them.​ For women, Damiana is good for enhancing their sexual experience by also increasing blood flow to the woman’s vagina, allowing her to be more stimulated.  It also treats the sex drive of both pre-menopausal and menopausal women by replenishing depleted testosterone. Also for women, Damiana helps with the pains of irregularities of a menstrual cycle, such as menstrual headaches, sore breasts, cramping, bloating, aches, exhaustion and pains. It also helps to balance the hormone levels. For the mind, Damiana works similarly to caffeine.  It offers an energy boost alleviating symptoms of depression, as well as anxiety, exhaustion and helps to increase stamina.  Damiana is sometimes used as a natural high helping to fight extreme fatigue, loss of balance and dizziness. Damiana is a popular herbal remedy for stress and other nervous disorders by producing a calming effect on the nervous system. Damiana produces a mild euphoric effect, the Mayan and Mexican people have been using it as a mood enhancer for centuries.  These traditional uses of Damiana has a grounding and calming effect and behaves effectively on a variety of stress-related symptoms such as headaches, nervous stomach, bedwetting and helps to calm the nerves. As an aid for nervous disorders and stress, Damiana treats anxiety, neurosis, stress, depression, obsessive behavior, physical weakness, hangover, dyspepsia and hypochondria, and has a relaxing effect on the body. Damiana is used to treat gastric complaints including peptic ulcers. It’s effect is due to the plant’s arbutin content.  Damiana possesses anti-ulcer activity which attributes to the anti-oxidant effects of arbutin, anti-ulcer and antioxidant properties. Damiana help keep weight under

√  Aids in Digestion√  Bed Wetting√  Belly Loss√  Bladder Control√  Bladder Infection (UTI)√  Control Type 2 Diabetes√  Detox Body√  Hair and Nail Strength√  Heavy Menstrual Bleeding√  Improves Respiratory Health√  Incontinence√  Jaundice√  Parasites√  Promotes Liver Health√  Skin Health - Pimples & Skin Rashes​√  Sore throats  Agrimony Preparation and Usage: Tea: 1-3 Tablespoons dried Agrimony to 1 cup hot water. Steep for 5 minutes​Tincture: 1.5 oz. dried Agrimony to 12 oz. of 190 proof Alcohol. Soak in warm dark place for 8 weeks. Filter with a coffee filter. Dosage: 12-20 drops in juice or filtered water 2 times daily. ​ Plant Indications Detoxifies the Body: Agrimony is linked to liver and gallbladder health. By optimizing liver and gallbladder function, the body can more easily eliminate toxins preventing more serious health issues and promotes overall metabolic efficiency. Agrimony contains Agrimophol which expels parasites. Aids in Digestion: As an anti-inflammatory agent, it is used to eliminate digestive and gastrointestinal issues, particularly diarrhea and other irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. By reducing irritation and inflammation in the membranes and tissues of the gut, it significantly soothes the stomach. Improves Respiratory Health: Reducing inflammation in the gut, may also improve respiratory conditions that involve inflammation. Sore throats, chronic coughing, bronchitis, and other sinus issues, for colds, coughs, and flu. It can speed up the recovery and healing process. Bladder Control: Agrimony is good bladder control for the old and the young, by eliminating bed-wetting and leakage. Skin Health: Helps alleviate blemishes, pimples, rashes, acne, psoriasis, eczema, or any other skin conditions when applied topically or taken orally. Other Healing Properties: Agrimony has a reputation for relieving jaundice and other liver complaints, healing peptic ulcers and supports the function of the liver and gallbladder. It is a major herb which stops bleeding and is used to treat profuse menstruation. Indication is that Agrimony can increase coagulation of the blood by up to 50%. Hair and Nail Strength: Silicic acid found in Agrimony boosts the strength, appearance, and overall health of the nails and hair, preventing easy breakage or a dull appearance. Specifically for Children: Agrimony is a nontoxic astringent that is especially safe for children. It is commonly used as a digestive tonic that relieves diarrhea and colicky pains, the herb is particularly suitable for children's illnesses. Agrimony helps bed-wetting in children. Specifically for Women: Agrimony contains coagulant properties that is helpful for women suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding, it can increase coagulation of the blood by up to 50%. Agrimony helps with