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Passion Flower, Deep and Timeless Healing Properties

Passion Flower has a sense of divine potency. Most varieties bloom with their unique and glorious flowers for just one day, blooming with a deep and timeless healing energy.

Passion Flower helps alleviate of symptoms of depression, anxiety, obesity, elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol, addiction withdrawal and difficulty sleeping. Passion Flower is used topically for burns, pain or swelling. Passion Flower’s removes unfriendly estrogen from the body.

Passion Flower is a mood enhancer and actually reduces the level of stress hormones in the body. Not only does it help prevent stress and depression, but Passion Flower also promotes a feeling of energy and a positive outlook. Passion Flower also relaxes and is calming. It is a gentle stress reducer. Low doses of Passion Flower reduces anxiety, while higher doses produce acts as a sedative.

Passion Flower is commonly used to support restful sleep and helps with insomnia. Passion Flower helps with the persistent inability to fall asleep or remain asleep.

Passion Flower is generally used to fight nervousness, anxiety, and extreme pressure. It is powerful to use for generalized anxiety disorders. However, Passion Flower doesn’t cause drowsiness, “hangover” symptoms or deterioration of work performance the next day.

Passion Flower addresses ADHD, hysteria, irregular heartbeat, palpitations, gastrointestinal problems, menstrual problems and fibromyalgia.

Passion Flower is a gentle sedative and tranquilizer. It relaxes twitching and muscle tension without impacting respiratory rate or psychological function. Passion Flower herb is used for nervous disorders and seizures. Passion Flower delays the onset and decreases the duration of involuntary muscle contractions. It also seems to reduce unhappy feelings after involuntary muscle contraction episodes whereas standard treatments tend to increase them. Also, used as a remedy for epilepsy.

Passion Flower helps beat addiction to drugs and alcohol. It soothes the symptoms of withdrawal and improves the mood by decreasing anxiety levels. Passion Flower reduces nicotine cravings, it helps address both physical and mental symptoms of withdrawal with no detrimental side effects. Passion Flower also helps fight withdrawal symptoms from opiate medications. Furthermore, Passion Flower helped control psychological withdrawal symptoms, including stress and irritability.

For women, Passion Flower helps with difficult mood swings, significant hormonal changes and imbalances, anxiety and even sleep problems due to menopause symptoms. Passion Flower helps the neurotransmitters to balance and promote mood-improving and hormone-regulating GABA to be released into the system.

Passion Flower improves depression and other symptoms of menopause, including anger, insomnia and headaches. Passion Flower might provide advantages for menopause in women who either cannot or decide not to utilize any sort of hormone replacement. Passion Flower also helps lesson premenstrual cramps and PMS headache pain.

For men, Passion Flower increases libido and boosts sex drive by increasing the production of testosterone within the body. It also aids in virility and fertility in men.​

Passion Flower helps ease inflammation in the digestive tract and the gut. It is particularly effective at treating hemorrhoids and gout, as well as a general inflammation to the stomach, intestines, and bowels.

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