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Rhodiola, a Hardy Plant for Hardy Health

Rhodiola is a very hardy plant and grows at an altitude of 10,000 feet above sea level under conditions of low oxygen content and lower temperatures. Rhodiola is a medicinal plant that helps protect cells from oxidative damage caused by environmental and chemical stressors and not surprisingly, it heals the body in a hardy way.

Rhodiola is one of the most healing herbs and is beneficial for the heart, weight loss, altitude sickness, blood sugar levels, liver protection, thyroid function, adrenal function, and improving sexual functions in both men and women.

Rhodiola helps to combat fatigue and restore energy. Rhodiola seems to work by influencing key central nervous system chemicals and neurotransmitters such as dopamine and Serotonin. By increasing serotonin precursors, Rhodiola reduces the stress hormone, cortisol, and in turn, promotes a positive mood and better mental balance. Unbalanced brain chemicals can cause anxiety, depression, and fatigue. By strengthening the nervous system, Rhodiola increases overall mood and vitality. Also, Rhodiola normalizes and balances monoamines in the body which helps with symptoms of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a mental state for those deprived of adequate sun over prolonged periods of months.

Rhodiola helps ease chronic fatigue syndrome. Rhodiola helps to counter the exhaustion from working the body too hard, either physically or mentally. Rhodiola can help with sleep deprivation headaches, or appetite changes related to fatigue or exhaustion. Rhodiola also helps with recovery from an intense work schedule with it’s apparent energy-boosting capacity.

Rhodiola helps the body stay healthy and perform at top-notch condition despite physical exhaustion or environmental stresses, such as high heat or pollutants in the air and water. It also helps with functions that include, smooth muscle contraction, temperature regulation, appetite, pain perception, behavior, blood pressure and respiration. When balanced, it imparts a sense of contentment and mental ease.

Rhodiola can protect the liver from medication damage and is also known for its effects on the body’s immune system. The herb works by stimulating and maintaining the immune system’s proper balance and increases the cells that ward off harmful pathogens. Rhodiola helps rebalance and stabilize the body to handle acute stress and the damage it can do to the body.

Rhodiola aids in weight reduction. It activates the lipolytic processes (fat breakdown) and mobilizes lipids from adipose tissue to a natural fat burning system for weight reduction. Rhodiola helps reduce stress induced binge eating. It also enhances thyroid function without causing hyperthyroidism, enhances thymus gland function and protects or delays shrinkage that occurs with aging. It also improves your adrenal gland reserves without causing enlargement of the adrenal gland. Finally, it improve erectile dysfunction and/or premature ejaculation in men and normalizes prostatic fluid.

Rhodiola helps elevate capacity for exercise by giving the body stamina, physical strength and endurance. Rhodiola helps to overcome mental and physical fatigue. It is commonly used with vigorous workouts as it increases muscle recovery time, muscle protein and glycogen synthesis, RNA, and the enzymes that are important for working out. Athletes who use this herb experience more strength and endurance, Rhodiola has the reputation for stimulating the nervous system, decreasing depression, eliminating fatigue, and preventing high altitude sickness while enhancing overall work performance.

Rhodiola helps regulate the heartbeat and counteracts heart arrhythmias, promoting a greater potential for heart muscle contraction. Rhodiola protects against the occurrence of adrenaline-induced arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat.​

When using intense mental capacity such as studying, learning or memorizing, Rhodiola helps with significant reduction to mental fatigue and exhaustion. It reduces the need for sleep, improves sleep patterns, gives a greater mood stability, and motivates to push through long periods of time necessary for intense studying. It helps with impaired short-term memory, associative thinking and audio-visual perception.

This information is to be used for educational purposes only and has been solely based on the historic and traditional use of herbs. This information has not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration.

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