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Bond Healing Balm


Infection Fighting Balm



BOND Healing Balm Oil Base: Although there are many important properties in Flaxseed Oil, we use Flaxseed Oil for the essential fatty acids which prepares tissue for the healing properties of other ingredients in Bond. Coconut Oil benefits skin tissue by receiving high levels of antioxidants. Coconut oil promotes the aging process by combating free radical levels. In addition, a natural derivative of coconut oil is Vitamin E. This vitamin strengthens skin tissue while retaining optimum condition. The antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties in coconut oil (lauric and caprylic acid) ward off skin infections.

Lavender Essential Oil is a natural tissue regenerator. This simply means Lavender Essential Oil speeds up the process of regenerating new tissue.

Healing Oil – Pure LDM Extract: On the eastern slopes of the Sierra-Nevada Mountains grows a very important plant in the Parsley Family. The western Native American Indians have long used this plant to prevent and treat ailments. Scientific investigation of the plant reveals that the volatile oil factions in the root contain the anti-viral/ antibiotic ingredient. The Pure LDM Extract has a viro-static effect, meaning that it stops the growth of all viruses and bacteria in the body so that the body’s natural immune system can eliminate the lethal micro-organisms without harming the ones necessary to good health. The effectiveness of Lomatium diessectum infections and restoring health is commensurate with an individuals’ natural immune system.


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