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Graviola, Abnormal Cell Reducer and Promoter for Healthy Organs

Soursop or Graviola is native to the Amazon rainforest; a small tree growing up to 15 feet (5 meters) tall; it is much sought after for its delicious fruit

In terms of prevention, Graviola is helpful as a therapy or prevention for blood, breast, cervix, esophagus, liver, lymph node involvement, lung tumors, lymphoma, mouth, pancreas, prostate, spine, tongue, uterus, and other cancers.

Graviola seems to effectively target and kill malignant cells in more than 10 different types of cancer. It is an effective natural cancer supplement that inhibits the growth of cancer cells while it doesn’t damage healthy cells. In other words, Graviola “hunts down” or selectively targets cancer cells and kills them without harming healthy cells, unlike chemotherapy that indiscriminately seeks and destroys all actively reproducing cells, even normal, healthy ones.

Graviola inhibits tumorigenicity and metastasis of pancreatic cancer cells through altering cell metabolism by inducing necrosis.

Graviola tincture has an especially potent antioxidant effect by stimulating the immune system and protecting the body from infections. It promotes the body’s natural defense mechanisms against viruses, bacteria and fungi. It has a beneficial effect on the functions of the neural system, promotes sound sleep and helps maintain normal blood pressure levels.

Graviola is used in traditional medicine in South America to treat a number of ailments, such as hypertension, ringworm, influenza, scurvy, rashes, malaria, neuralgia, dysentery, arthritis, palpitations, rheumatism, nervousness, high blood pressure, insomnia, diarrhea, fever, nausea, boils, dyspepsia, and muscle spasm.
Extracts of the plant have been shown results that imply that the fruit possesses anti-depressive effects.

Dosage: Tincture: 1 – 4 ml. daily (1 – 4 full droppers). Since it has sedating or relaxing effects, it is best taken in the evening before, with, or after dinner.

Precautions and Contra-indications

Not to be used during pregnancy due to possible uterine stimulant activity.
Contraindicated for people with low blood pressure, it may posses’ hypotensive, vasodilator, and cardio depressant reactions.​

It may also effect antidepressant drugs and interfere with MAO-inhibitor drugs.
Long-term use of Graviola might lead to some die-off of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract. Supplementing the diet with digestive enzymes may be helpful to counteract this possible effect.

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